peg sadie


Once upon a time, I had my shit together. I was a crazy-happy-ambitious-go-getter with larger than life dreams...working two jobs putting myself through grad school full time, graduating top of my class, building my first home at 25...the sky was the limit...until suddenly it wasn't. 

At 31, I launched my first company, had a baby, and spread myself thin. Neglecting my own needs, I drifted slowly into the abyss of PPD&A (postpartum depression and anxiety), a crippling, all-consuming, shame-laden pain like I'd never experienced. And as a cherry-on-top, the recession hit, devastating us financially. It was just all too much. 

I withdrew from those I loved and for the first time in my life felt completely isolated, overwhelmed, and helpless. I no longer recognized the woman staring back at me in the mirror.

With a deep knowing that I had to find her again, my journey began...not the steady climb of a mountainside but the rocky ride of a vast, unpredictable ocean of stormy weather. With time, perseverance, many gains and setbacks, I eventually created momentum...restoring my resilience, confidence, and faith in myself...reclaiming my life.

I stopped simply surviving and finally started living my life again with a sense of inner peace, joy and hope for the future. And, I promised myself I'd help other women do the same...sparing them the unnecessary suffering and tumultuous pain of figuring it out alone.

With me as your experienced guide, along with my unwavering support, it's my hope to lead you on your very own remarkable journey home.


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