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ready to finally break free from overwhelm and rise into the woman you were meant to be?

 Welcome to Rise 2 Resilience™

As seen in...

by creating an unshakeable core of strength, confidence, and calm, got. this.

you have everything you ever why is it still so hard? somehow something inside of you has Shifted and now all you want is to feel like yourself again...

to step back into the amazing mom-wife-boss-woman you know you are in your heart. but Instead, You're stuck in overwhelm & after day.

You've seen a therapist, read some books, maybe even taken a course...but nothing seems to stick.

been there. done that.

finally break free from overwhelm for good by fixing these 2 key underlying causes.

"bulletproof" yourself (think matrix neo) against future overwhelm + stress by mastering these 6 core resilience skills.

re-discover yourself & your purpose to create the life you've always dreamed.

detox your self-doubt, stop the people pleasing, perfectionism, & flourish.

simplify your home and day-2-day to create an overwhelm-free lifestyle.

feel like yourself again...only better.

i'm so ready!

say goodbye to overwhelm once and for all

ready to finally feel better?
in rma you'll learn how to...

the four pillars of resilience

building a compassionate relationship with yourself increases confidence and feelings of self-worth.

creating simple systems and environments that nurture a low-stress lifestyle is essential to reducing overwhelm.

ensuring your needs are met consistently and fully  builds a resilience reservoir to pull from.

by intentionally identifying and addressing self-awareness gaps, emotional resilience is strengthened.





+ emotionally & physically Exhausted...not to mention constantly stressed,
overwhelmed, & anxious.

+ barely keeping your head above water and beating yourself up for
forgetting the little (and big) things.

+ unfulfilled and dreaming of something more...bigger for your life.

+ Self-medicating with wine, food, or prescription drugs.

+ pulling away from those you love, drowning in shame & guilt.

+ an unorganized mess (even if it's hidden in drawers & closets).

+ paralyzed with indecision, overthinking and second guessing all your choices.

+ your own worst critic, never feeling quite good enough as a mom,
boss, wife, friend, etc. 

+ spiraling, comparing yourself to others that seem to have it all together.

+feeling like an imposter who's living a lie...and slowly dying inside.

from the outside your life looks perfect
   but on the inside You're...

hey mama, sound familiar?

  you just want to feel better...but don't know where to start.

MEET peg

I can help.

I've been right where you are now, not knowing what to do...

paralyzed with overwhelm and anxiety.

My journey to Resilience took way too long and I'm here to spare you the unnecessary pain & suffering of figuring it out alone. 

let's get you feeling better...for good.

psychotherapist & certified resilience coach

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