all i wanted was to feel like myself again...& i want to help you do the same.

Hi! I'm peg

Did your life change after kids...but, not in a cute, Rom-com kinda way? From the outside it looks like you have it all but on the inside you're...

Overwhelmed, anxious, & exhausted, juggling all-the-things...not to mention unfulfilled & drowning in guilt...wishing you could just feel better but don't know where to start.

You wonder...
Will I ever feel like myself again?

trained psychotherapist & resilience coach

I feel you. Because I was you...

"Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves."

 - Henry David Thoreau

     i there. I'm Peg, trained psychotherapist & resilience coach (BA PSY + MA Professional Counseling PSY), wife of 18 years, and empath-INFJ mom of two beautiful boys. Values I live by: integrity, kindness, growth, family, and keeping it real.

Once upon a time, I had my shit together. I was a crazy-happy-ambitious-go-getter with larger than life dreams...working two jobs while putting myself through grad school full time, graduating top of my class, building my first home at 25, finding love & marriage at 28...the sky was the limit...until suddenly it wasn't. 

At 31, I launched my first business, had a baby, and spread myself thin. Neglecting my own needs, I drifted slowly into the dark abyss of PPD&A (postpartum depression and anxiety), a crippling, all-consuming, shame-laden pain like I'd never experienced. And as a cherry-on-top, the recession hit, devastating us financially. It was just all too much.

I withdrew from those I loved and for the first time in my life felt completely isolated, overwhelmed, and helpless. I no longer recognized the woman staring back at me in the mirror.

With a deep knowing that I had to find her again, my journey began...not the steady climb of a mountainside but a rocky ride in a vast, unpredictable, and stormy ocean. With time, perseverance, lots of gains and setbacks, I eventually created momentum...restoring my resilience, confidence, and faith in myself...reclaiming my life.

With a renewed sense of inner peace, joy, and hope for the future, I was able to finally start living my life again instead of simply surviving. And, I promised myself I'd help other women do the same...sparing them the unnecessary suffering and pain of figuring it out alone.

my story

And so...I created Resilient Mom Academy™,  a program that cuts straight through the BS of overwhelm and shoots you out the other side...Resilient & Renewed, Reclaiming your life.

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I've been married 18 years.

There's nothing more important to me in this world than my family. We're kinda homebodies...we love game night, watching movies, and just grillin' + chillin' in the backyard. #thesimplelife :)


i have 2 psych degrees.

A BA in Psychology + an MA in Professional Counseling Psychology. I've worn many different hats over the years: waitress, photographer, psychotherapist but first and foremost I love people. I’m fascinated by how our minds work and why we do what we do.


i'm writing a novel.

Writing has been a passion of mine my entire life. I'm working on a psychological thriller to be finished in 2021 (I've also got a non-fiction book in the works). It's my dream to see one of my books on the NY Times bestseller list. Stay tuned!


i read about 100 books a year.

Not only do I have a passion for writing but I'm obsessed with books, reading about two per week (thank you Kindle Unlimited!). I love juicy fiction and personal development...I'm always looking to grow and love a dark plot twist. My favorite genre? Psychological thrillers of 'course!


i was on my college hip-hop dance team.

Girl, if the music is booty is a shakin'! Our team would travel and compete, baggy jeans, cocked baseball caps and all. Those were the days...I miss you 1995!


i was born in dubai.

People get surprisingly excited when I share this fact but I'm not fancy...I swear ;) I've lived in the states most of my life making my way from NYC down to Atlanta. Being Persian, I feel very blessed to have grown up with a different cultural perspective.

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